Steve Fogel Photography: Blog en-us (C) Steve Fogel Photography (Steve Fogel Photography) Sat, 30 Mar 2024 05:33:00 GMT Sat, 30 Mar 2024 05:33:00 GMT Steve Fogel Photography: Blog 96 120 Steve Fogel Photography now offering in-home/in-office headshots I'm happy to announce that I'm now offering in-home or in-office headshots.

Want a headshot but too busy to get to my studio? Having difficulty figuring out what clothing to bring?  I can help. I'll bring my studio to your home or office. If we shoot at home, I can help you go through your wardrobe and choose the right combination of shirts, blouses, sweaters, jackets, and so on. I'll even bring my steamer to get the wrinkles out of that favorite shirt.

I just need an 8' by 6' area (roughly) to set up my background, tripod, and computer table. I'll set up in 30 minutes, shoot for 15 to 20, and we can go over the images right then and there so you can pick your favorites. Then I'm outta there and you'll have your lightly edited headshot within 2 business days.

Price is $795 for one look, and $100 for each additional look. 

Book it now!

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Steve Fogel Photography now supporting online booking Steve Fogel Photography now supports online booking directly from our web site. This is currently available for headshots only. Family portraits will be supported after we get the kinks out. Try it! Click BOOK in the menu bar.

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How I get great results in midday sun Photographers typically avoid scheduling outdoor portraits at a time when the sun is bright and overhead. This is because the sun casts harsh, unflattering shadows on your face. This is shown in the following photo, which I shot without any lights, special gear, or special camera settings.

Harsh midday sunTaken in harsh midday sun

I can greatly improve upon this by using a technique that only the pros know how to use. I didn't invent it, but I know how to apply it with excellent results. Here's how I fix it:

  • Put a diffuser over the subject to soften the sunlight. That eliminates harsh shadows and makes the light soft. However, the light becomes very flat, without direction or depth.
  • Add a light to add depth and dimension (more interest) to the portrait
  • Darken the background so that the subject stands out from the background.

The next two photos show the results. One darkens and blurs the background a bit more, and one lets the background show through a little better (slightly less darkened and less blurred). The light on the subject's face is soft and flattering, and positioned to add a bit of shadow on the right side.

Soft, directional lightingSoft, directional lighting on the subject, darkened and very blurred background.

Soft lighting, less dark backgroundSoft lighting on the subject, slightly less darkened and less blurred background.

Here's the setup that I used to get these results. Notice the diffuser over the subject; the light on a stand with a diffuser ("soft box") attached, just under the diffuser and aimed at the subject; and the camera off to the left. (That's my barbecue grill in the background, and my photo studio at the left.)

Setup to get the improved resultsSetup to get the improved results

Bottom line: I can take in-studio or outdoor portraits any time of the day and get great results. Call 415-309-8660 or e-mail [email protected] to book your session. 

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Why create wall art with your family photos? When I shoot family portraits, I always encourage my clients to purchase prints or canvas wraps for wall art. Why? Because your digital photos will sit in some folder on your computer, where you never see them. Sure, they're always available if you look for them, but wall art is there for you to admire whenever you want and with no effort. Just walk on by. 

I've got wall art of my wedding photo (to remind me of when I was thinner and better looking), and more importantly, of my two girls when they were young. I grin whenever I look at those cherub faces. But wall art is not there just to remember your toddlers. It's wonderful to capture precious memories of your family as it grows and grows up. I recommend getting new family portraits every three years.

Here are catalogs of matted prints, framed prints, and canvas wraps:


Canvas wraps

Contact me at 650.698.8672 to schedule your family portrait session.

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7 Tips for Preparing for Your Winter Photo Session Some people shy away from winter sessions because, well, it's cold. But winter sessions make for some prime photo ops, so don't write off the brr months.

1. Keep tracking the weather. Those white winter days after a lot of snowfall can result in some seriously gorgeous photographs. Booking two months out probably won't work, and you'll instead want to book on a shorter notice.

2. Really play up the winter accessories when planning outfits. Think cozy knit scarves, colorful coats, adorable boots, mittens and more.

3. Plan the day out so that nobody gets fussy or too cold. A bribe of hot chocolate after the session goes a long way. Also make sure that everyone's dressed warmly.

4. Don't be afraid to have fun in that snow. Snowball fights? Snowman building? Angels? The possibilities are endless and this should be all about having fun.

5. Choose colors and prints that pop. An all white background is absolutely beautiful, but having that pop of red or that flash of gingham can really make for a gorgeous photograph.

6. Pack the necessities. Noses tend to run in the cold, and glasses can fog up. Bring tissues, hand-warming packs, clean clothes and hot beverages to keep everyone perky throughout the shoot.

7. Because it can be really cold, note that a shorter session may be in order. Make the most of your photos by using every single second to the max, especially at the beginning of the session when everyone's still warm and spirits are particularly high.

That's it for now.


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2017 holiday family portrait promotion Announcing my 2017 holiday promotion!

Treat yourself and your family to a memorable holiday photo with 20% off one of my portrait packages, plus a $100 gift certificate. A portrait gift certificate is the ultimate gift! Choose the package that is right for you, or create your own custom package.

Digital package - $395 (regularly $495)

  • 90-minute photo session in the studio, your home, or outdoors.
  • Up to five digital images, different poses, for use on social media. Get one of the family, one of mom and dad, and one each of the kids.
  • $100 gift certificate for a future portrait session.

Silver package - $395 (regularly $495)

  • 60-minute photo session in the studio, your home, or outdoors.
  • One retouched family pose with:
    • Two 5 x 7 prints.
    • One 8 x 10 print, mounted on mat board (11 x 14 frame size).
    • Digital copy for use on social media.
  • $100 gift certificate for a future portrait session.

Gold package - $495 (regularly $595)

  • 60-minute photo session in the studio, your home, or outdoors.
  • Two retouched family poses with:
    • Two 5 x 7 prints.
    • One 11 x 14 print, mounted on mat board (16 x 20 frame size) or 25 flat photo greeting cards, with dozens of designs to choose from.
    • Digital copies for use on social media.
  • $100 gift certificate for a future portrait session.

Platinum package - $650 (regularly $750)

  • 60-minute photo session in the studio, your home, or outdoors.
  • Three retouched family poses with:
    • Four 5 x 7 prints.
    • One 16 x 20 print, mounted on mat board (20 x 24 frame size), or
      25 folding photo greeting cards, with dozens of designs to choose from.
    • Digital copies for use on social media.
  • $100 gift certificate for a future portrait session.

Call 415.309.8660 to schedule your holiday family photo shoot!


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2016 holiday family portrait promotion Announcing my 2016 holiday promotion! Treat yourself and your family to a memorable holiday photo with $100 off my basic portrait package. You get:

  • 60 minute photo session in your home or at my studio
  • Three prints, up to 8 x 10, mounted on mat board and ready for framing
  • Digital copies of all prints

All prints are of professional quality, and include retouching. Regular price for this package is $495. From now until Dec 15th, you can get it for $395, a bargain.

Call 415.309.8660 to schedule your holiday family photo shoot!


P.S. - Want holiday cards with your family photo printed by a professional lab? Ask me about 'em.

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Senior Portraits Tell a Story Used to be that senior portraits were just about the yearbook. Not anymore. Seniors portraits are trending toward environmental portraits, telling a story about who you are. You still need the yearbook shot, but the real fun and memorable photos are outdoors, either in a place that you love, or doing something you love to do. So work with your photographer to come up with ideas for your senior portrait. 

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Family Photo Holiday Special Hi, everyone. There's still time to take a family photo for the holidays. My family photo special includes:

  • Up to 20 lightly edited proofs in a private area of my web site.
  • 3 retouched final images on stunning 8 x 10 prints.
  • 20 wallet sized prints.
  • Final images on CD.
  • Travel and setup at your home or nearby outdoor location.
  • Additional prints and goodies downloadable from my web site.

All this for $400. Offer ends Jan 5, 2015. 

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